Building Fellowship & Community

through the Gospel

Rev. William & Mrs. Graves - Senior Pastor

Married in 1978 in Utah, William and Sandra Graves began their life together.                                                            Shortly after their marriage, William, who was active duty US Air Force, was                                                   transferred in England.  It was during this three year stay, they welcomed their                                       first daughter Amy.  In 1981, William was transferred to Arizona, where he carried out                                  the remainder of his time in the US Air Force, and retired after 20 years of service in                                                      1986.  In 1989, William and Sandy adopted their daughter Jennifer.  During their                           time here, William and Sandy became actively involved in their local church.  William served                                                       as deacon, board member, usher, and associate pastor, while Sandy served as                                                  pianist, worship leader, teacher, women's ministry leader, and more. Their family                      has since increased in size and now includes two sons-in-law and two grandsons and one granddaughter.  In March of 1995, God spoke to their hearts and they launched New Life Worship Center in the living room of their Mesa, AZ home.  They have both been devoted to full-time ministry for the last 25+ years, and are excited to see what else God has planned!

New Life Worship Cneter