What To Expect

When you come to New Life, you can expect to see people praising and worshipping with enthusiasm and joy!  We are comprised of people from a wide variety of backgrounds.  We desire to remove any and all denominational barriers and come together as brothers and sisters in Christ to worship and serve Him.  We have people dressed in formal suits and ties, and people dressed casually.  Dress however you feel comfortable, and join us in praise and worship! 

We enjoy a very distinctive style of worship.  Congregational participation is urged.  Audible praises with uplifted hands are common in our services.  Often our services include speaking in tongues.  Tongues have three purposes: praying, praising, and prophesying.  Much emphasis is placed on the power of prayer and we maintain an unshakable belief, in our direct access to the Father through prayer.  We also believe that miracles transpire as a result of prayer. 

We believe that the Bible teaches that all things are to be done decently and in order (1 Corinthians 14:40), but we also believe that the Scriptures encourage God's people to worship Him with great joy and enthusiasm.  As a result, we endeavor not to be overly formal or ritualistic.  Instead, we consider our services to be a time of celebration and rejoicing.

Building Fellowship & Communities

through the Gospel

New Life Worship Center